Sisters with A Sword Ministry

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Gloria Gainor Ministries Inc.

After much prayer and fasting for 40 days in January 2010 the Lord has spoken clearly concerning prayer and our deeper commitment to pray now and as long as we reside on this planet earth.

 The Holy Spirit has dealt with me concerning prayer at a new and more impacting level than ever in my existence. I have had a renewed vision of prayer and feel the refueling of passion and anointing for the work of intercession as never before.


The fire of God and renewed vision has refreshed me and the Holy Spirit has given me directions on the retooling of , Sisters With A Sword ministries. This revised vision will give us a greater target market and a stronger impact for reaching souls and teaching humans how to get back on their knees in prayer and truly communicate with God who so desires to hear from His creation





We desperately need the men to come and bring a charge to the atmosphere in the realm of Authority. Urgent is our prayer to restore the Fathers and Sons to Headship. The Restoration of the Fathers is a Restoration of the families. Heal the Head the body will get well. Heal the Head of the Household and the families will be healed. The body can live with almost every part missing but the HEAD. Friendship, ownership, relationship. Partnership of all ships Headship is the main ship.


1.  Sisters With A Sword has become a World Wide Web based ministry with website access. The websites for this ministry are and The Website will be set in place to receive prayer request 24 hours a day 365 days a week.


2. Sisters With A Sword's Website will have eventually lots of prayers teaching How to pray and definitions of different kinds of prayer. Our Website is manned by the SWS Media Director Minister Marlene Wilson.


3. Sisters With A Sword Ministry will have yearly Prayer Retreats where persons will go away twice a year into the mountains and pray over request and spend time in the presence of God. These retreats are hosted by the Chairman of SWS Pastor Gloria Gainor


4. Sisters With A Sword Ministry sponsors a monthly prayer brunch meeting for everyone to come men, women and children come and pray. This meeting is hosted by the SWS Co-Chairman Pastor Elaine Freeman.


5. Sisters With A Sword Ministry has a 5:00 prayer line which has been connecting every day Monday through Friday for 16 years. Prayer request will be prayed over daily. This pray line is now hosted by the SWS Prayer Director Sis Renea Smith.


6. Sisters With A Sword Ministry has membership by attendance we will add you if you would like to be on our mailing list and send you e-mails and notices for meetings and special events. This will be handled by the SWS Membership Director Minister Robert Goodson


7. Sisters With A Sword Ministry does not have any membership fees any and all monies given as love offering or to go on retreats or monies received for t-shirts or materials will be handled by the SWS Financial Director Mary Renshaw.


8. Sisters With A Sword Ministry is an Outreach of Gloria Gainor Ministries Inc. the SWS Covering Pastor and Advisor is Pastor Sebastian Holley the Pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Cartersville Georgia.

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