God Is Here Power Prosperity Conference - Canceled Until a Later Date

Contact: Coordinator and Host: Pastor Edith Knowles [404-207-3472]


We are calling an army of women to join us in our sisters with the sword virtual meeting the 1st Saturday of each month.



It is about 3 o'clock 3:30 in the morning and I'm praying and I'm praying

 for you praying for the sisters with a sword meeting the title  God gave

me for our meeting  Is women   who win... I am praying for the encourage-

ment to come to women to know they can win so many women locked in

the homes during this shelter in time locked in with a children their husbands

 Their worries and all the things to women face... Women face challenges

every day in their own private worlds It is time for women to win the warfare

Women are  Helpless victims of drugs alcohol pornography self destruction

 are kinds of things I  Believe this meeting Will give hope to women who feel

like they are losers to inspire them to win I am so excited. I am grateful to God

for divine connections I'm looking forward to hearing what the lord will speak

through each one as they open up and share God's winning Way for Women

we will come into our Zoom Room on Saturday May 2, 2020 at 1p.m....the I'd f

or the meeting is 82323783149 and the password is 015502 please join us

and please invite your friends......EACH ONE REACH ONE DO IT FOR JESUS


Click Here for the ZOOM Meeting Instructions


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